UK MOT Changes 2012

Since the start of the year, the Department of Transport has added several mandatory test items to comply with a European testing directive. Faults on these new test items will only be advisory during the first 3 months, after which they will be considered MOT failures.

Here is a summary of the checks to important diagnostic related items that have been introduced.

ABS extensions. Checks on the Anti-lock Braking System will now include a check of the Electronic Stability Control (ESC/ESP), this includes checking for a functioning ESC/ESP warning light, visual inspection of damaged or inappropriately repaired components and a working ESC/ESP switch.

Electronic Park Brake. Checks on the correct operation of the EPB warning light, controls must be present and a visual check for inappropriately repaired components.

Other warning lights. The test will also include checks for the correct operation of the following systems where fitted:

            Airbag warning light
            Seat belt pre-tensioner warning light
            Electronic power steering warning light
            Tyre pressure monitoring system warning light
            Headlight main beam warning light
            Brake fluid level warning light

If any of the warning lights mentioned above do not come on initially when the ignition is switched on, then extinguish to indicate a fault free system, that will mean a MOT failure for the vehicle being tested.